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TBI Employment Service

TBI is very pleased to announce their partnership with Pharmhorizons to offer its corporate and indiviudal members the opportunity to interface with our newest membership benefit - the TBI EMPLOYMENT SERVICE.

TBI corporate members will have the opportunity to post new career opportunities and TBI individual members will have the opportunity to seach the new site for new jobs OR to post personal resumes that will be made available to firms looking for new staff.

It is easy to use and extends your job search or position posting to the widest possible audience.

Testimonials (.doc, Word Document)

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Toronto Biotechnology Initiative & Relevant Software Inc.
are pleased to announce…

All members are eligible to receive netXtract® Personal - the research productivity tool - at no charge. TBI has negotiated an agreement with Relevant Software Inc.(RSI), the developer of netXtract, that will allow members to download this valuable tool from the TBI web site for free (versus the suggested retail price of US$29.95).

netXtract Personal (Patent Pending) helps researchers to quickly pinpoint the most relevant information within on-line documents & web pages and save that information, along with key metadata, to a personal knowledge base for future use. netXtract complements, and does not replace popular search tools.

netXtract Personal’s key capabilities:
• Automatically indexes each displayed web-page.
• Automatically extracts all contexts for all key words & selected phrase.
• Enables users to "Jump" directly to the most interesting context.
• User-definable keyword filters further refine relevancy testing.
• Save any selected text directly into netXtract’s Knowledge Base.
• Provides the ability to quickly classify, categorize, and maintain saved information.
• Import existing bookmarks and add context for each entry
• Export categories, or specific entries in HTML, XML or MS Access Database formats (or via e-mail).
• Seamlessly integrated into MS Internet Explorer (Windows).

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Download your free copy of netXtract Personal

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Konica Minolta

Special TBI offer from E.O.E. & Konica Minolta
All TBI members will qualify for Major Account Investment Poricing on
new Konica Minolta Business equipment.   TBI has negotiated a provincial
agreement that will allow any member the opportunity to purchase or
lease business equipmen for their organizations.  This will allow
members to take advantage of Fortune 500 company investment pricing and
service contracts.
Minolta celebrates their  75th anniversary in 2004 and has become a
premier manufacturer and marketer of high quality business equipment.
Minolta's reputation for  precision-engineered, leading-edge products
now extends worldwide.
E.O.E. is Canada's largest Konica Minolta dealer and offers their
cutting edge office equipment technology and solutions.  The Konica
Minolta line helps enhance productivity through printing, copying,
scanning and fax efficiency.
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program with Robert Cudden assisting as a second contact, to ensure
"; print "top-level service throughout the Province.\ 

TBI members can access the program through the exclusive site:\ 
"; print "www.copierquote.ca
"; print "or contact Murray directly at 905-602-6400 Ext. 173, 416-675-8700 (cellular)
"; print "or Email:\  mcroft\@eoe.ca

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VWR International

TBI - VWR Technology Program  Benefits Include:
Special discounts across a broad range of over 400,000 products in
speciality laboratory equipment, supplies, chemicals, media, safety,
chromography, lab animal research, life science and production supplies
On-site technical seminars to TBI and each of it's members on current
topics in Life Science Research, Production Techniques and Safety
Special costing on equipment
E-business web ordering solutions with additional discounts if TBI
members order via vwr.com
For more information, contact VWR International
Call Toll Free:    1-800-932-5000
Email:                canada_callcenter@vwr.com
Website:            www.vwr.com


Announcing Strategic Relationship with IBM Life Sciences & Toronto Biotech Initiative
IBM Canada Ltd. is pleased to announce a strategic relationship with the Toronto Biotech Initiative, and invite all members to a free half day seminar on Data Integration & Knowledge Management on May 14th, Toronto Marriott (details below).
As part of this strategic relationship, IBM provides TBI and its member companies with a number of services, including:
    Preferred pricing on IBM's portfolio of products for Corporate use, including PCs, Thinkpads, Workstations, Servers, Storage and Software, for TBI member companies. To take advantage of this special pricing you must work directly with Liz Hanson, contact information below.
    The IBM Affinity Program (Employee Purchase Program) offering attractive pricing on PCs and Thinkpads for the personal use of employees of TBI member companies (www.ibm.ca/store/aff2 or 1 888 315-7408) Note: this program is for employee home use, please specify when ordering that you are a TBI Member to take advantage of the special discounts set up. For Corporate use, either call Liz Hanson (Client Manager) or specifically for Intel Technology - Howard Cross, PC & xSeries Product Specialist, at 416 383-3893.
    Access to IBM IT architecture services, provided by experienced bioinformaticians, to assist member companies in designing and/or validating their IT infrastructure.  Member companies are eligible for a one day Bioinformatics workshop at no charge.
    Vendor financing, through IBM Global Financing, to facilitate the acquisition of IBM products and services.
    Access to the IBM Life Sciences Research and IBM's Computational Biology Center (www.research.ibm.com/compsci/compbio) to explore possible research collaborations and technology sharing.
IBM's Life Sciences Business Unit started in 1999, dedicated to the needs and requirements of this unique customer set. IBM has 50+ field PhDs and 120 researchers within our 6 WW research facilities that do LS research, working on projects involving computational biology, chemistry and material science.
IBM sees the volumes of data in Life Sciences companies growing exponentially. IBM looks to push the limits of our technology to ensure our portfolio of products can meet the high data demands. IBM's interest is in the middleware and IT infrastructure and we work with IBM Business Partners as the key solution providers for applications.  IBM addresses the technology requirements of Life Sciences companies with the industry's broadest portfolio of products and services, including:  high-performance infrastructure to support high-speed computing and high-capacity storage; data and knowledge management solutions to manage data and support scientific collaboration; and clinical development integration solutions to improve efficiency and shorten the cycle time of clinical trials.
For more information about IBM Life Sciences visit ibm.com/solutions/lifesciences.
To take advantage of the services & discounts designed for TBI members,
Liz Hanson
Client Manager 
905 316-6055

Sal Causi  
Business Development Executive     
Also, IBM would like to invite all TBI members to a free half day seminar on May 14th in Toronto on Data Integration and Knowledge Management for Life Sciences, discussing IBM research, Life Sciences solution offerings, and hear from one of our business partners, Molecular Mining, specializing in gene analysis software.
Please register by calling 1 800 426-0889 or ibm.com/solutions/lsevents1


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