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The 2006 Science and Biotech Award Winners

The Toronto Biotechnology Initiative (TBI) mandate has always included a major commitment to education and public awareness. It is part of the TBI strategic objective that "educational initiatives to advance the understanding and support for biotechnology within the educational system in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is part of the basic mission and mandate of TBI".

Traditionally, the Education Committee has focused on secondary and post-secondary educational activities. Education is and has been a vital part of TBI activities and the Committee participates including in:

TBI Science Awards ($100.00 per student)
TBI Biotechnology Awards ($200.00 per student)

The 2006 Science Award Winners

The Science Award is for the amount of $100 per year for five years from the date of grant of the first award to a given school. The Grade 11 students from the GTA who demonstrate outstanding academic prowess are honored at one of TBI's breakfast meetings.

School Student
Alexander Mackenzie Stephanie Zukowski
Brother Andre Kinsey Lam
Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts Rebecca Hicks
Cardinal Newman High School Francesca Cadhit
Downsview Secondary School Zakiya Price
Heart Lake Secondary School Danielle Gignac
Holy Cross Catholic Academy Laura Mazzulli
Keswick Shauna Worthington
Kipling Collegiate Institute Beena Balsara
Lakeshore Collegiate Institute Kescha Kazmi
Leaside High School Amanda Stock
Madonna Catholic High School Rochelle Tazhoor
Mary Ward Catholic School William Reginold
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Gourav Sathe
Pickering High School Ashley Weiss
Richmond Hill High School Karissa Canning
Royal St. George’s College Dieter Fishbein
Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute Aditi Lakhani
The Yorkland School Ron Heon Park
Vaughan Secondary School Jooho Lee
West Toronto Collegiate Kavita Pillaige Muthukumaru
William Lyon Mackenzie C.I. Nirmal Shah

The 2006 Biotech Award Winners

The Biotechnology Awards are valued at $200 each, representing each of the colleges and universities in the GTA. They are awarded to a second year student with outstanding academic achievement in the biotechnology program.

York University Imtenan Abd-El-Razik
Ryerson University Alexandru Dumitrache
Seneca College Vernon Mussgnug

All award recipients will be presented with their awards, certificates and monetary awards at the TBI November Monthly Breakfast meeting on Thursday November 16, 2006. More details.

The TBI Education Committee continues to support undertakings with a long-term impact and benefit to the community. This is the last year that TBI will be sponsoring such an award. In the near future, we hope to put in place another award program.
We look forward to continued participation and support from our TBI members.

For more information, please contact:
Nika V. Ketis, PhD, LLB
Chair, TBI Education Committee
Tel: (416) 777-5730
e-mail: ketisn@bennettjones.ca

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