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The Toronto Biotechnology Initiative (TBI) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting the growth of biotechnology in Toronto and the surrounding region.
While biopharmaceuticals and diagnostics are core strengths of this community, it also has broad research capability and growing commercial activity in agri-food biotechnology as well as the emerging resource and environmental biotech industries.

The mission of the Toronto Biotechnology Initiative is:
• To further biotechnology in the Greater Toronto Area;
• To further TBI as a leading Canadian biotechnology organization; and
• To further the Greater Toronto Area and the region as a major international centre for biotechnology.

Toronto is Canada’s economic, research and cultural capital, and in the heart of North America’s fifth largest urban region. Home to more than five million Canadians, the Greater Toronto Area has emerged over the past ten years as a premier international city for business. With its knowledge-based work force, leading-edge research institutions, a cost-competitive commercial climate and exceptional quality of life, it’s no wonder that Fortune Magazine has ranked Toronto as the best global city for business. Toronto thrives in investment and employment opportunities in such diverse fields as banking and financial services, film and television production, and fashion, and also boasts a thriving arts community.

Today Toronto accommodates 80 per cent of Canada’s top high-tech businesses and the largest cluster of biomedical and biotechnology companies in the country. In fact, over 40 percent of Canada’s biotechnology industry is located in the Greater Toronto Area, one of the largest centers of medical R&D in North America. 33,000 of the 11 million people of Ontario work in the biomedical industry. Throughout the world this region is recognized for its achievements and expertise in genomics/proteomics, immunology, drug research and development and neurosciences. Brand name pharmaceutical multinationals have invested substantially in local research and development: more than $1.1 billion over the past decade.

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The Toronto Biotechnology Initiative brings together the worlds of research and government, business and finance, to promote Greater Toronto Area as a major international center for biotechnology. We can help you to find new business opportunities and contacts in one of the fastest growing life-science communities in Canada. Our members represent the biotechnology industry, research institutes, universities, financial organizations, legal and accounting firms as well as the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government. We identify the unique needs of the members of the greater Toronto biotechnology community, and provide essential services to meet these needs.

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