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TBI Activities

TBI offers members many opportunities to get involved in areas of the biotech industry that interest them. The committees listed below welcome new members. If you are interested please contact TBI to volunteer for one of these committees.

Exists to help TBI communicate with members and the public and to facilitate networking between TBI members. This committee is responsible for the publication of the newsletter BioScan, an email newsletter (eBioScan) and the maintenance of this website.

Seminars, workshops and courses, organized by TBI, enable members to share information and learn about biotechnology and related issues.

This committee focuses on enhancing international awareness of the Toronto region’s biotech resources and members’ knowledge of offshore opportunities in order to foster collaborations between TBI members and potential global partners.

Dedicated to ensuring that TBI remains a vital organization by actively recruiting new members from the biotech community.

Monthly Meetings:
Meetings, often breakfasts, provide an opportunity for members to hear a variety of high quality speakers on subjects of topical interest, on a broad range of biotechnology applications. In addition, the meetings provide excellent networking opportunities.

Public Interest Forum:
The PIF works to enhance public understanding by sponsoring events which address the social and ethical dimensions of biotechnology. TBI works to ensure that biotechnology develops in a publicly responsive and responsible manner.

Regulatory Affairs:
TBI monitors and informs members of regulatory issues and trends that may affect their business. TBI also facilitates the submission of members’ views to government bodies.

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